Imagine you're standing at the end of the supplements aisle and what's racing through your mind is "I'd really like be healthier but I don't know where to to start. Everything looks difficult, complicated and almost intimidating."

That's where No Ugly comes in.

Our vision is to make health & wellness easy, accessible and an everyday lifestyle choice for the entire body. That's why our formulations are designed with superior food science applicable to multiple human needs. They're extremely effective and have proven and approved health claims.

We're so proud of the effort we've put into Superior Food Science that we've even published a book about the science behind every one of our products (email if you're interested in receiving a copy).

Technically No Ugly's drinks are called Scientifically Formulated Functional Beverages. Ordinarily, they're just the best thing you can consume on a daily basis, whatever your health need may be.

But there's always a catch and here it is. The hardest thing isn't just identifying the right nutrients, we can all google that. The really hard part is transforming the best active ingredients, that can quite often taste worst than boiling your grandfather's socks, into a highly functional, effective drink with low sugar, but also tastes incredible.

That's where the magic lies and that's what makes No Ugly worth every mouthful!


Here’s a short list of just some of the ugly things that happen when you don’t get enough sleep: You can’t think straight, you can’t remember anything, your immune system stops working properly, you put on weight, your risk of heart attack increases and your sex drive decreases.

It’s exactly the same as getting old, but here’s the thing – you don’t get old, because a lack of sleep shortens your life.

The impact of sleep is the most important part of your general level wellness. To understand this in more detail, watch this video from some Sleep experts. The same people we recruited to understand more about the impact of sleep and inspired us to develop a world class product to support a better night's sleep.

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